Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just started

So basically i was checking out my friend alexus' blog, and i thought it looked pretty cool so i thought why not give it a shot. So this is my first one... You see that man up there? Thats Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens QB, second year on the team, just incase you wanted to know, he just might be THE man. 2009-2010 season look out, you got a weapon you just might not know how to deal with. The Ravens are supposed to have a killer defense this year, i haven't really got to see it in action yet since it's only preseason, but whatever, i'm going to believe it. Also, the Ravens are 2-0 this preseason, with a sketchy win yesterday of 24-23, they left the New York Jets crying back to New York with their failed 2 point conversion in the last 20 seconds of the game, haha, suckers. Anyway I think thats it for today, cya

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